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House Numbers
Dryer Vent Safety
AHFC - Energy Rebate web page
AHFC - Weatherization Program
Appliance Energy Use and Costs in Alaska (PDF)
Comparing Costs of Heating Fuels in Alaska (PDF)
Elements of an Energy-Efficient House
R-value Tables
InterNACHI's Estimated Life Expectancy Chart
Ice Dams
Home Winterization
Home Inspection Reports: What to Expect
Buying a Foreclosure
An Introduction to Foreclosures
Energy-Efficient Mortgages
Remodeling is a Poor Investment Strategy
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Condensation in Double-Paned Windows
USDA Loans
Aluminum Wiring
Efflorescence for Inspectors
New Light in Crawlspaces (PDF)
Basic Building Science (PDF)
Types of Insulation (PDF)
How To Choose A Smoke Alarm
Details for Mechanically Vented Crawlspaces (PDF)
Estimated Savings for Upgrading your Heating System
Safety Glass
Home Inspection Limitations
Light Bulb Comparison Spreed Sheet (excel spreedsheet)
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